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Vigorous Cider fermentation…

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Whilst trekking through the photos from the Cider saga, I found this little video that shot late one night after pitching the yeast.  Literally within a few minutes of pitching the yeast, the airlock started bubbling away flat out..  I thought it might die down a little after a while, but no.  This video was shot at about 3am during all night editing session, hence me looking bleary and not making much sense.  I don’t know if this counts as crazy fermentation, but it was certainly vigorous.  Any way, without further adue, the video….

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Tipping out a case of cider. what happened?

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Boring Apples. Not Cider Apples.

Everyone loves to discuss their brewing successes, but few discuss their failures.  This is a tale of adventure, hope, dismay and in the end failure.  Not sure if anything will come of this, but it is a cathartic closure to this particular brew that might help me ‘harden up’ and get back on the horse of homebrew.

I had bigs hopes for this cider, though it was a spur of the moment kinda brew.  We set out with the best of intentions.  It was end of season, and the Mrs (Urban_Nanna) was making Pomodoro Sauce from end of season tomatoes from the Preston Markets.  Getting into the swing of the slow food thing, I grabbed a couple of palettes of Apples from the markets. Read the rest of this entry »

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