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In a state of beery neglect.

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Now that's a Fat Yak

i felt the need to track down some decent beer tonight. i’m in Sydney at the moment, and craft beer joints are proving elusive due to work commitments, location and my lacklustre knowledge of the local beer scene.

i did manage to coerce my hosts to swing by the bottle-o to grab some brews. good thing we had the big wagon as the Fat Yak only just fit.

Hopping Mad SpecTapular

on a brighter note, i did spot a poster up for the Local Taphouse (Darlinghurst) Mad Spectacular Beerfest on Saturday. unfortunately, i am working till 7pm on Saturday, so i hope there will still be some beer left!
on a spewing note, the Ginger Beer i brewed a few weeks back is bottled and ready to drink. only issue is, i am some 850km from home, and the Mrs has decided they are quite tasty. She has agreed to leave me one as a taster. hmmm.

The ginger...



Happy New Beer erm, I mean Year.

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year wherever you are. I will be celebrating the new year by cracking open my very own Coopers MicroBrew Kit. It’s something I bought myself for Christmas so I could fool about with some experimental brews at the house without effecting our more serious brewing expeditions.
Next year I hope to have a few more contributors to the site, bringing the rest of my brewing crew into the technology age, and getting them writing about what registers on their beer radar.
Cheers all, and hopefully your new years celebration includes so tasty craft brews.

Coopers Micro Brew Kit

Coopers Micro Brew Kit - the fun begins at home

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It’s a start.

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Nothing grand, but it’s a start.  I guess most things start from humble beginnings.  Time for a beer.

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