Tipping out a case of cider. what happened?

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Boring Apples. Not Cider Apples.

Everyone loves to discuss their brewing successes, but few discuss their failures.  This is a tale of adventure, hope, dismay and in the end failure.  Not sure if anything will come of this, but it is a cathartic closure to this particular brew that might help me ‘harden up’ and get back on the horse of homebrew.

I had bigs hopes for this cider, though it was a spur of the moment kinda brew.  We set out with the best of intentions.  It was end of season, and the Mrs (Urban_Nanna) was making Pomodoro Sauce from end of season tomatoes from the Preston Markets.  Getting into the swing of the slow food thing, I grabbed a couple of palettes of Apples from the markets.

Filtering the cider

– Things that taste good in baking don’t necessarily taste good for brewing.  My thought was to go for the Apple, Pear & Cinammon mix, as that tastes rad when baked in a pie.  Unfortunately baking pies has nothing to do with it.

– I grabbed eating Apples, not cider Apples.  Apparently you need cider Apples or at least not boring Apples.

– On a whim, I chucked Cinammon in there at the last minute. This probably would have worked better had I done a boil, but I pitched the yeast after having only juiced & filtered the raw Apple cider.

– It smelled like arse. Not sure if this was just the Champagne Yeast, or something else.

– Inconsistent carbonation. this one has me stumped.  We pitched the same number of Coopers Carbonation drops into all bottles of the same size.

The OG

At first I thought the entire batch had gone wrong.  The wrong bottles were sour, smelled bad and had no carbonation.  As I started tipping them out, I checked a few more and realised there were some good ones. They smelled ok-ish, were well carbonated, but at the end of it they just tasted boring – so i kept on tipping.

Tipping it all out...

In the end, it was a disappointment, but from every brewing experience comes learning.  Before I launch into another complex brew, I will be sure to do my research first.  Probably also sensible to stay on the path well trodden, get the brew right, then start messing with it, rather than messing with it from the outset and stumbling blindly.

Oh well, back to the drawing board…

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