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This arrived in the mail a few months back. My parents were digging through the shed and found these stainless steel funnel & jug specifically designed for craft brewing. Apparently my great uncle was an avid home brewer and owned a pub in Tasmania in the 60’s that was known for having local beers on tap.

A handmade stainless steel funnel and jug from (i think) the early 60's.

As a birthday present, my great aunt Sybil had these stainless steel funnel and jug hand made for him. The funnel is specially designed to get all the way to the bottom of a tall bottle (no bubbles) and even makes it to the bottom of my Coopers HomeBrew fermenter.
The jug is also designed to minimise bubbling during the pour, as the spout for the jug comes all the way from the bottom of the jug.
Not sure that these are super useful for my current brewing, but since they were handmade sometime in the late 50’s – early 60’s, they make a cool addition to the brew kit.

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