Don’t f^^k with my #farmhouse beer

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I’d like to start with a declaration that I love New Zealand, love New Zealand beer, and there’s plenty of solid folk in NZ that I like hanging out with.  Unfortunately, there is at least one person who is attempting to do something rather underhanded…

I would have thought that New Zealand would have learned after the ‘radler incident’.


After initially reading the IP application, there was some long winded tirade planned, but that won’t help things.  Here’s what will help.
The folk on the IP application list themselves as ‘Tartan Bull Holdings’.

The also own a venue in Waipu called Waipu Pizza which has a brewery out the back that brews under a brand McLeod’s  Brewery and another called Bream Bay Brewery.  It is reasonable to suspect that this brewery is the basis for their farmhouse trademark application.

If you’re not aware, Farmhouse beer is one of the oldest grouping of beer recipes known.  Saison, the hero farmhouse beer, has been brewed for over 1000 years with some research indicating Saison as a lose style as far back as 1600 years ago.

All information has been found publicly via the Open Corporates website.

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