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USA Trip. Part 1

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Greetings from the US.  I have finally managed to slow down enough to get a few pics online and write a few words about the trip so far.

The flight was long and uneventful.  The beer selection on the plane was terrible (a choice of either VB or Pure Blonde) but that was to be expected.  I guess it was a futile hope that they would put one drinkable beer on the plane.

First stop was LA, long enough to grab a rental and head up into the hills.

The first incorrect assumption was that because I was heading to a small mountain town, that there would be little to no craftbeer.  WRONG… The first place I walked into was the local Vons (think small supermarket) which had a range of Craft Beer to more than satisfy most Aussie Craft Beer enthusiasts.  It was a great view of just how strong the local Craft Beer scene is here.

The next thing that got me was the price….

  To say that craft beer is cheap over here is an understatement.  I remember having a conversation with friends only a week ago about how Saison Dupont is such great value buying it at $16-ish per 750ml bottle – then I walk in and buy Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale for US$4.49…

It is at this point its fair to say we went a little bit silly.  Maybe it was the jetlag.  Maybe it was the altitude or the crisp mountain air, or maybe it was just that there was this range of amazing US CraftBeer in front of me, for crazily cheap prices and I had the realisation that I only had 2 weeks to taste as many beers as possible….

Hot tip: go easy when drinking at altitude.  even though Craft Beer doesn’t give you a hangover like normal mass produced beer might it still hurts.

If you make it up to Big Bear, check out a Beer & Wine store called ‘The Home of the Hangover’.  True CraftBeer fans with a fantastic selection of beer.  I even managed to find a little rarity there which i now have to figure out how to bring home with me….

So anyway, that was Big Bear, and the start to my US trip. I have chucked a few extra pics below.



Edit:  I just found a few additional photos on Facebook of me trying to explain Craft Beer to some friends of mine.




Matilda Bay – new brewery and a new beer

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Ok, so I should have posted this a few weeks back, but things have been a bit hectic.  A few weeks back, we were invited to check out Matilda Bay Brewery’s new digs in Port Melbourne, and to taste their new beer, IGP (or Itchy Green Pants).  The beer was tasty, the food was great and a good time was had by all.

Here are some pics taken on our visit to the new Matilda Bay Garage Brewery.  Plenty of fun.  Cant wait to get back in there.

Cheers to the crew from Matilda Bay for their fine hospitality on the day.

Whilst there have not been many blog updates this year, there has been a lot of brewing and beer drinking going on.

Wobbles in Oregon, drinking Arrogant Bastard Ale. You are not worthy.

Wobbles in Oregon, drinking Arrogant Bastard Ale. You are not worthy.

This year has been a year of travelling, brewing and general tourism.  Not that I have the luxury of pure beer tourism, just more the opportunity to visit brewery’s and pubs whilst travelling for work.  There has to be some fun in it all! Read the rest of this entry »


In a state of beery neglect.

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Now that's a Fat Yak

i felt the need to track down some decent beer tonight. i’m in Sydney at the moment, and craft beer joints are proving elusive due to work commitments, location and my lacklustre knowledge of the local beer scene.

i did manage to coerce my hosts to swing by the bottle-o to grab some brews. good thing we had the big wagon as the Fat Yak only just fit.

Hopping Mad SpecTapular

on a brighter note, i did spot a poster up for the Local Taphouse (Darlinghurst) Mad Spectacular Beerfest on Saturday. unfortunately, i am working till 7pm on Saturday, so i hope there will still be some beer left!
on a spewing note, the Ginger Beer i brewed a few weeks back is bottled and ready to drink. only issue is, i am some 850km from home, and the Mrs has decided they are quite tasty. She has agreed to leave me one as a taster. hmmm.

The ginger...


Giving the Heineken Draught Keg a crack

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I finally gave in to the ad campaign and bought a Draught Keg. Should be a bit of fun. Now if only i could regas it, refill it with something a bit more unique and create a Craft Keg…

update: beer from the draft keg is very, very tasty. much better than the bottles. bit cheaper than buying by the case too. booyaa!