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Don’t f^^k with my #farmhouse beer

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I’d like to start with a declaration that I love New Zealand, love New Zealand beer, and there’s plenty of solid folk in NZ that I like hanging out with.  Unfortunately, there is at least one person who is attempting to do something rather underhanded…

I would have thought that New Zealand would have learned after the ‘radler incident’.


After initially reading the IP application, there was some long winded tirade planned, but that won’t help things.  Here’s what will help.
The folk on the IP application list themselves as ‘Tartan Bull Holdings’.

The also own a venue in Waipu called Waipu Pizza which has a brewery out the back that brews under a brand McLeod’s  Brewery and another called Bream Bay Brewery.  It is reasonable to suspect that this brewery is the basis for their farmhouse trademark application.

If you’re not aware, Farmhouse beer is one of the oldest grouping of beer recipes known.  Saison, the hero farmhouse beer, has been brewed for over 1000 years with some research indicating Saison as a lose style as far back as 1600 years ago.

All information has been found publicly via the Open Corporates website.


Hipsters ordering Craftbeer

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Pretty much this. I’d swear that this is actually just a documentary of a bar somewhere nearby…


Anyone checked out Brew Dogs yet?

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Brew Dogs

ok, so this one came up in a business article discussing the continued growth in the CraftBeer market. It looks like a second crack at the Brew Masters concept with a different brewery at the helm. This time it is Scotlands own mayhem experts, James Watt & Martin Dickie from BrewDog.

Apparently it starts airing in the USA on the 24th, but I haven’t seen any data on when it might here, but in the meantime, there are a bunch of short excerpts and clips on the Esquire website.


Automatic Beer Pourer spotted in Hakuba.

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Hakuba Automatic Beer Pourer

For me, this was one of those moments where my love of gadgets and my love of beer came together.

This is a quick clip I shot on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 while having lunch in Hakuba.  We had been out snowboarding for the morning and I spotted beers being poured using this pretty clever system.


Hey Pass Me a Beer

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I just got emailed this one and found the need to share.  Whilst they are drinking what is most likely a shit beer, it’s probably better that it is because I would hate to see good beer getting wasted like that…



Beer Style Infographic

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Just saw this on the FastCoDesign website Very cool. For the full article, head to :


ANHC 2012 announced

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This is one of those moments of things just happening at the right time. I was having a conversation with one of the crew from @WyeastLab about… well… yeast… and they mentioned catching up at @anhcthree . when they mentioned this I checked the website, and there was no mention of a 2012 ANHC (Australian National Homebrewers Conference). I hit up the website and sent them an email asking if there was to be another ANHC, and got a quick response from Jeff saying he was just updating the website.

So huzzah, was announced today and the site is now live.

Check it out here…

I spotted a tweet by Ben from Bridge Road Brewery earlier pointing to the changes in the exise refund for breweries.  Just thought I should repost the actual excerpt for folks interested in the changes.

RT @NakedNed: Excise relief for all brewers, = benefit to small craft brewers

> excerpt from

Extending the microbreweries excise refund scheme

Revenue ($m)

  2011‑12 2012‑13 2013‑14 2014‑15 2015‑16
Australian Taxation Office ‑2.5 ‑2.5 ‑2.5 ‑2.5

The Government will extend the current microbreweries excise refund scheme by increasing the maximum refund amount from $10,000 to $30,000 and removing the current production eligibility threshold of 30,000 litres of beer, with effect from 1 July 2012. The amendments will allow breweries to receive an excise refund of 60 per cent of excise paid, up to a maximum amount of $30,000 per financial year. They will also ensure that the refund does not penalise successful local breweries as they expand their production.

This measure is estimated to have a cost to revenue of $10.0 million over the forward estimates period.

So I had been in LA for the night, and none of my meetings (the real reason I am in the USA) had come through, so I was at a loose end.  Fortunately the international jetsetter @beermule suggested that if I had a car, I should jump in the car and head on down to Newport Beach. He also put me in touch with @BrewCoBrewer Derek who is the Brewer at @NBbrewco

At this stage I was keen to get out of Hollywood so I jumped in the rental and trekked down to Newport Beach.  It was only about 45mins in traffic so it seemed I had managed to avoid the infamous LA traffic that everyone complains about.  Derek was kind enough to give me a tour of their brewery and then take the time to talk me through a tasting flight of their beers.  It is always cool to be able to chat with the brewer while you are drinking their beer. I particularly enjoyed the Village Idiot IPA & the Me So Hoppy Double IPA, though the absolute standout of the set was the One Step Beyond Sour.  Every taste was a mouth puckering moment, but I just couldn’t stop drinking it.  Such an epic beer, and worth the drive just for that.

If you have time while you are in LA, its worth a drive down to Newport Beach to check out the selection at Newport Beach Brewing Company.  They don’t bottle their beers so you can only drink them on site but I didn’t mind so much as the suitcase was already full of beer I am not sure of how to get back to Australia…

Cheers for Derek for showing me around.  You can find out more about @NBBrewCo at

Oh, on the way back I decided to drop by Newport Beach.  The folks were way too pretty for me…


USA Trip. Part 2 – @Hangar24Brewery

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So on the way back from Big Bear, I stopped in at a local microbrewery at the bottom of the hill called Hangar 24.  A few of the Big Bear locals had been raving about this beer called the ‘Hammerhead’ and had mentioned the brewery as a worthwhile visit so I took a short detour off the highway to get there.  One local looked up the address then told me not to bother because the brewery was ‘7 miles off the highway’, but then conceded it might be worthwhile since I was already some 8,000 miles closer than I was last week…

They have a great selection of beers there.  Their tasting flight comes with a selection of  8 beers setup in their recommended tasting order, and accompanied with a sheet of tasting notes that were very helpful.  I particularly like their California Spring Beer and their Chocolate Porter was pretty damn tasty as well.  One thing I was rather intrigued with was their keg system.  From the board it looked like you could buy either 20L or 50L kegs of their beer, with a service for cleaning & refilling much like we do with Growlers in Australia.   Whilst not likely, that would be something great to see some of our local breweries experiment with… #hope

So if you find yourself either on your way too or on your way back from Big Bear and in need of a refreshing beverage, Hangar 24 is well worth the short detour off the main highway.  It also helps that the tasty flight is under $10.  (I think it was around $8)

To find out more, check out their site or you can follow them on twitter as @Hangar24Brewery