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Don’t f^^k with my #farmhouse beer

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I’d like to start with a declaration that I love New Zealand, love New Zealand beer, and there’s plenty of solid folk in NZ that I like hanging out with.  Unfortunately, there is at least one person who is attempting to do something rather underhanded…

I would have thought that New Zealand would have learned after the ‘radler incident’.


After initially reading the IP application, there was some long winded tirade planned, but that won’t help things.  Here’s what will help.
The folk on the IP application list themselves as ‘Tartan Bull Holdings’.

The also own a venue in Waipu called Waipu Pizza which has a brewery out the back that brews under a brand McLeod’s  Brewery and another called Bream Bay Brewery.  It is reasonable to suspect that this brewery is the basis for their farmhouse trademark application.

If you’re not aware, Farmhouse beer is one of the oldest grouping of beer recipes known.  Saison, the hero farmhouse beer, has been brewed for over 1000 years with some research indicating Saison as a lose style as far back as 1600 years ago.

All information has been found publicly via the Open Corporates website.


Hipsters ordering Craftbeer

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Pretty much this. I’d swear that this is actually just a documentary of a bar somewhere nearby…


Open fermenter timelapse

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The crew at Sierra Nevada have just released a timelapse of the open fermentation of their Bigfoot Barleywine Ale.  Now I’ve been lucky enough to check out and scoop some yeast with the open fermenters out at White Rabbit, but I have never seen the progression of an open fermenter over time.  Very, very cool.  I might have to set up a timelapse of fermentation next time I do a Saison…

It’s worth a look if you have a minute.


Anyone checked out Brew Dogs yet?

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Brew Dogs

ok, so this one came up in a business article discussing the continued growth in the CraftBeer market. It looks like a second crack at the Brew Masters concept with a different brewery at the helm. This time it is Scotlands own mayhem experts, James Watt & Martin Dickie from BrewDog.

Apparently it starts airing in the USA on the 24th, but I haven’t seen any data on when it might here, but in the meantime, there are a bunch of short excerpts and clips on the Esquire website.


Automatic Beer Pourer spotted in Hakuba.

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Hakuba Automatic Beer Pourer

For me, this was one of those moments where my love of gadgets and my love of beer came together.

This is a quick clip I shot on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 while having lunch in Hakuba.  We had been out snowboarding for the morning and I spotted beers being poured using this pretty clever system.


A great discussion about the passion of Craftbeer.

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Craftbeer Zen

Just spotted this clip from a recent TEDxTalk about Craftbeer titled ‘Zen & The Art of Craft Beer’.

A great talk.


Hey Pass Me a Beer

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I just got emailed this one and found the need to share.  Whilst they are drinking what is most likely a shit beer, it’s probably better that it is because I would hate to see good beer getting wasted like that…



30 days without Social Media. An experiment.

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Ok, so I read an article this morning by Steve Corona (CTO @ Twitpic) about giving up Social Media for 30 days and it struck a chord.  You can read the article here.
So rather than doing the usual thing of waiting till the end of the month for this kind of adventure or waiting till the time is right, I am going to have a crack at this starting today. now. right now… (well almost)

The plan is to switch off social media for 30 days.  Delete the twitter & facebook apps from my iPhone and iPad, log out of facebook on my laptop & desktop and maybe even get my partner to change the password.  The plan is to remove myself from the daily flotsam and jetsam of micro-blogging contributors.  Reduce the noise and hopefully allow myself to get a bit of clarity.  Remove the chatter and allow thoughts to develop fully.

It doesn’t mean I wont contribute on these platforms, but if I do it will be via syndication; ie. I post a blog and it auto posts to twitter and facebook – and hopefully this will be in some more meaningful way than my usual idle banter.  If you see a post from me on Twitter or Facebook, hopefully it will be because I have posted something on my blog rather than me caving in and logging back in.

Now I may falter, weaken and succumb to the temptation that is the constant 24hr instant gratification that is social media, and I am hoping that my friends will stand by me and tell me to get off social media and stay the course of the project.

If you need to get in touch with me, or feel like you are missing my input on something important, there will still be ways to get in touch.  You could always email me, call me or do something crazy like arrange to catch up for a coffee or lunch.  If you don’t have those details, you should be able to get in touch with my via this site.

This should be interesting.  Giddy up!


Gee. that’s a lot of pumpkin…

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First crack at creating a pumpkin spiced ale. Freestyled it based on what was in the cupboard. After tasting it, clearly not enough pumpkin. After chats and reading it was suggested to try dry hopping it with pumpkin. Seems like a good idea.

The pumpkin was roasted for an hour or so before being added to the mix. Also added some demerera to mix to correct the recipe, as i didn’t have it handy at the time.

Also testing out t-shirts to insulate the kegs. Protect them from light-strike and give slightly more temperature insulation. It’s a theory. Lets see if it works.


The final test relates to agitating the fermenter to bring the yeast back into action. @carrywater suggested this one. I needed it because the Pumpkin Ale had slowed on fermentation and i wanted to see if agitating the brew would bring the yeast back into action to deal with the new elements I was adding. I also gave the Ginger brew a shake to see if that might give it a bit more activity to dry it out. Always experimenting…

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Beer Style Infographic

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Just saw this on the FastCoDesign website Very cool. For the full article, head to :